About Us



Becky and Naomi are both local mom’s who met at Mommy’s Trading Post. Naomi took over Mommy’s Trading Post in 2016 with her 6 month old son in tow which is where she met Becky who’s 4 month old son also “worked” at the shop. Two years later Becky joined as an co-owner.  Both moms have a passion for finding great deals, reducing waste and building community. Both live in Alameda!

While our shop changes over the years our mission remains the same:

*To reduce wast associated with early childhood by re-homing used goods and providing high quality, durable and eco-friendly new goods

*To help new parents save money

*To provide a supportive community for new parents 

We also have our very own nursingwear line! Having both nursed our boys for multiple years, we saw the need for comfortable, functional and fashionable clothes that you breastfeed in with ease. We took over MamaWear at the end of 2018. We carry all styles in our shop and also sell online. Check out MamaWear.com