How to Trade/Sell at Mommy’s Trading Post

Step 1

Check our buying hours and only come within those hours  

Tuesday - Friday 

11am - 4pm (no appt needed) 

*No buying Sat-Mon

Step 2

Bring in your gently used items (see what we are currently accepting for reference).

Clothing: Limit 2 *grocery sized* bags per visit. * Please bring in CLEAN (unstained), un-ripped, wrinkle-free, odor-free, pet hair free clothing in current styles (generally not more than 3 years old with the exception of vintage items). Please take time to look through you clothes before bringing them in. 

We are currently taking SPRING clothing (baby/toddler, big kid, maternity & nursing).  

Baby Gear/Toys: We are no longer selling car seats or strollers & will only be able to take limited quantities of compact gear and toys (see what we are currently accepting for reference).

Toys/Books: Limited amounts of toys (with batteries) and board books

Step 3

We will look through you items on the spot.

What you get in return:

Children's Clothes (NB -2T), Shoes sizes NB - 6 & small toys (typically anything that will sell for under $20)

You will receive 40% store credit*. You can use this credit immediately, or save it for later date. Store credit can be used on anything in store! You can also opt to get your credit in the form of an online gift card to use on our website. Our online and in-store systems do not communicate so you have to chose in store or online and once issued it cannot be switched.

Children's Clothes 3T-10 years & Shoes size 7-13

You can choose between 40% in store credit, or 30% cash/Paypal/Venmo

Maternity/Nursing Clothing

You can either choose 40% store credit* (you receive more) or 30% cash/check/PayPal/venmo. You will receive this on the spot; credit can be used immediately or saved for a later date. Store credit* can be used on anything in the store!

Baby Gear/Large Toys

*We are no longer taking large gear. No car seats, no strollers, no large swings.  

We can take a very limited quality of: compact tubs, clip-on or booster high chairs, in-bed co-sleepers, pack n plays & carriers. Please call ahead to confirm we have space.

These items go on consignment, which means you will receive compensation once the item has sold. Consigned items will be displayed for for 90 days.

Once the item sells:

You can choose between 40% in check or 60% in store credit* of the item’s final selling price. Check/credit for consigned items may be collected 7 days after an item is sold, in order to accommodate our return policy. Checks must be picked up in store during buying hours (or if you request in advance it can be ready outside of buying hours). If you would like a check mailed there will be a $2 charge. We can also Venmo or PayPal upon request.

What if the items don’t sell within 90 days?

At the end of the contract period, all unsold items automatically become property of Mommy’s Trading Post and will be marked down or donated. If you would like your items back, it is your responsibility to collect them before the end of the contract period. Due to the large volume of consignors, we do not notify you when your items sell, however, you will receive a link to check the status online, or you are welcome to call anytime to check the status.

We will do our best to safeguard your items, but are not responsible for loss or damage.

*All store credits and payouts expire 1 year from the last date used. Credits are refreshed for another year, every time they are used.


Based on current inventory and/or space (which does change daily), we are currently looking for:

Baby Gear/Toys:

TOYS/BOOKS: Limited amounts of toys (with batteries) and board bookds

Very limited quantities of compact gear including compact tubs, clip-on or booster high chairs (we can accept one large high chair at a time), in-bed co-sleepers, pack n plays, nursing pillows and jumperoos. We are still accepting baby carriers. Please call ahead to confirm we have space.

*We are no longer accepting large gear, including: car seats, strollers, large swings, changing tables, large bassinets (we can take 1 bassinet at a time), bouncers (except Baby Bjorn), maternity pillows and no breast-pumps.

Children’s Clothing:

    • Limited quantities of EXCELLENT condition SPRING children's clothing up to size 10. 
    • Shoes/boots in EXCELLENT condition up to size 3
    • Sleep sacks (medium & large especially)
    • Swaddles & Swaddle Transition aids (especially Magic Merlin, Zipadee Zip and Love to Dream)
Maternity/Nursing Clothing:
    • Spring maternity clothes (including jackets)
    • Nursing/breast-feeding clothes
Please feel free to call before bringing in items to see if they are items we are accepting!

Not Accepting

  • Large gear, including: car seats, strollers, large swings, changing tables, large bassinets, bouncers, maternity pillows and no breast-pumps.
  • Dirty/stained items. You wouldn't buy dirty items would you? Neither do our customers. We can only accept clean, unstained, odor-free items in excellent condition.
  • Out of season clothing
We are out of storage space so we can truly not take any more of these items at this time. Thanks for understanding.