Mommy’s Trading Post partners with Loved Twice a non-profit charity clothing newborns in need with quality reused baby clothing for the first year of life. We collect gently-used baby clothes, and the wonderful folks at Loved Twice sort these precious garments into boy and girl wardrobes-in-a-box, and distribute them exclusively through social workers in hospitals, shelters, and clinics. It is a simple solution that supports disadvantaged babies while reusing thousands of onesies, swaddling blankets, and babywear that would otherwise end up in landfills. WHAT TYPE OF ITEMS DOES LOVED TWICE ACCEPT? We distribute baby clothes in sizes up to 12 months ONLY. Small baby blankets, hats, socks, bibs and board books are welcome too. WHEN CAN I DROP ITEMS OFF FOR DONATION? You can drop items off for donation any time that Mommy’s Trading Post is open. We’re always happy to accept them. If you are donating large amounts of clothing, it is very helpful if you drop off in bags or containers that you can leave behind and will not need returned. Check out the Loved Twice website at for more info on the work that they do as well as other ways that you can contribute to help newborns in need.